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Drymatic Phoenix

Phoenix Stackable CAM 50Hz

​The Phoenix Stackable CAM offers all the great features of our proven CAM air movers, with the addition of an innovative stackable cabinet design. Featuring multiple contact points and interlocking side grills, the Phoenix Stackable CAM can be stored safely and securely up to 4 units high, freeing up valuable space in your trucks and warehouses.

The Stackable CAM features class-leading airflow and efficiency. Using a unique 1/3 horsepower motor design and proprietary blower technology, the Phoenix Stackable achieves 825 m/minute at over 2700 FPM with high static pressure, while using only 2.0 amps of electricity on high speed (1.5 amps on low speed). With it’s low amp draw, the Phoenix Stackable CAM gives you maximum airflow on a circuit, allowing up to 5 CAMs on a standard 10 amp household circuit on high speed (or up to 6 on low speed). The Phoenix Stackable CAM housing is durable, washable, and chemical resistant. It features multiple operating positions allowing it to be aimed horizontally, vertically, or at 45°.

The Phoenix Stackable CAM is also lightweight and properly balanced for easy handling. Other convenience features include superior cord management for better handling, packing, and storage.

Phoenix AirMax Radial Air Mover 50Hz

​Its compact 52 cm x 43 cm footprint and 23 cm height make the Phoenix AirMax the most compact and portable fan in its class. The rugged molded in handle gives you the solid control required when packing and unpacking lots of air movers. Its easy-winding cord wrap and multiple securement options makes it a snap to prep for transport. Because of its deeply-molded interlocking features, the Phoenix AirMax is rock solid when stacked for transport.

With its Patent Pending, motor support x-bracket and optimized outlet shape, the Phoenix AirMax delivers airflow of 1274 m3/hr. This gives you high velocity air over a 25% larger area than other low profile air movers. In addition, the Phoenix AirMax is stable in all 4 drying positions to maximize flexibility.

The Phoenix AirMax is the safest fan in its class; where competitors position high voltage electrical connections low to the floor, the leading edge design of the Phoenix AirMax allows these connections to be located more than 4 times the minimum required height. The Phoenix AirMax is built to keep the contractor and their customers safe.


  • 1274 m3/hr
  • 0.6 Amps
  • Ultra secure stacking and cord wrap
  • Heavy wall polypropylene housing
  • 7 M Power Cord
  • Light weight 9.5 kg
  • CE Mark

Phoenix R150 LGR Dehumidifier 50Hz

​With water removal of 38 liters per day AHAM, using 3.3 Amps and weighing in at a mere 37 kg, the new Phoenix R150 50Hz LGR dehumidifier packs the performance of a “Large” dehumidifier into the smallest, lightest, and most portable chassis in the restoration market. The R150 50Hz with patented GTR (Graduated Thermal Reduction) Technology combines Phoenix innovation, technical expertise, and proven durability into a unit that will remove more water, produce larger grain depression, and dry structures faster than competitive dehumidifiers. The R150 50Hz’s GTR technology will allow the restoration professional to continue to dry in higher temperatures without any manual adjustments to the unit.

In addition to this unit’s performance benefits, the R150 50Hz offers outlet ducting, pleated media filter, energy efficient operation, and front cord and hose storage. And, finally, its handle design and compact body add to its appeal for stacking, storage and transport. The R150 50Hz is the latest member of the Phoenix line of LGR dehumidifiers; the most effective and versatile drying devices made.

Phoenix R200 LGR Dehumidifier 50Hz

The Phoenix R200 50Hz is a compact, energy efficient LGR dehumidifier that removes over 55 liters per day (AHAM) while drawing only 3.7 amps of electricity. The R200 50Hz outperforms the larger competitive dehumidifiers by removing more water, providing larger grain depression and consuming less power. The proven LGR design is surrounded by a durable roto-molded high impact plastic to create a dehumidifier that is smaller and lighter than competitive units.

In addition to the performance benefits and tough compact size, the R200 50Hz has patented bypass technology, increased airflow, multiple ducting options, and a high efficiency MERV 11 filter. The R200 50Hz is the latest member of the Phoenix line of LGR dehumidifiers; the most effective and versatile drying devices made.

Cords are available for UK, EU or AUS power connection.


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